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Wired That Way: The Comprehensive Personality Plan Review

Wired That Way: The Comprehensive Personality Plan

Author: Florence Littauer and Marita Littauer


Lately, I have had handful of people who follow me on social media asking me what books I suggest they read and I have given them all the same answer: “Wired That Way.” This book has helped me with all of my relationships in more ways than I can count, whether it be with family, friends, or my significant other. The writers go into detail about each of the personality types, how they interact with one another, and why knowing this information can be instrumental in your daily life.


Popular Sanguine

The popular sanguine is the easiest to point out in my opinion. They are the person that lights up every room they walk into. They are friends with everyone, overall pretty loud, and very charismatic. When you get down to it, their main goal is to have fun. If you are a popular sanguine, you probably have no issues talking to anyone about anything. You also are probably a little unorganized and messy. The popular sanguine’s emotional needs are met with lots of attention and approval. A big downfall of this personality type is that when they are caught in stressful situations, they tend to make excuses or blame others.

Peaceful Phlegmatic

As if this wasn’t made obvious by their name, the peaceful phlegmatic has one main goal in mind at all times: to be at peace. When it comes to stressful situations, they tend to hide from the situation entirely or use an “out of sight out of mind” thought process.

Perfect Melancholy

Again, given by the name, I’m sure you can guess that the perfect melancholy’s main goal in life is perfection. They are great with setting goals and maintaining organization. Other side of the coin, being a perfectionist comes with its downfalls. This personality type often finds themselves spending too much time focusing on details and planning, and not much time putting their plans into action.

Powerful Choleric

Being in control: that is what the powerful choleric needs, or at least that’s what they think they need. They are the kids in gym class that lead the dodge ball team to victory by creating the plan of attack. Powerful cholerics often come across as bossy and insensitive but if they learned to delegate certain tasks instead of always trying to maintain control, they would find peace easier.

There is much more to each personality type and why they are the way they are. From the brief information I have given you here, can you figure out which one you are? What about your closest friends? Parents? You probably can relate to more than one type, maybe even some traits from every type, but everyone has one personality type that dominates the rest. Reading this book will help you determine which is your dominant personality as well as explain how each type can get along best with one another. There is a personality test in the back of the book to help you determine which type you best fall into. After taking the test myself, I found out that I am a powerful choleric with strong popular sanguine tendencies. What I learned from this book has helped me improve all of my relationships and gain a better understanding of my strengths and weaknesses.  Even when I meet new people, I am able to use what I learned to successfully turn that encounter into a new friendship almost every time. I find it much easier to communicate with other people because the content in this book, and I believe you will find yourself able to do the same after reading as well.

Have you read this book? Let’s start a discussion to keep learning from one another. Let me know what personality type you got and what you thought of the book by leaving a comment below.

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