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Why You Should Be Setting Habits Instead Of New Years Resolutions

Why You Should Be Setting Habits Instead Of New Years Resolutions

Every time I say goodbye to December and hello to January, I can’t help but feel a little bit excited about what lies ahead. January always brings with it the feel of a fresh start. We get to leave behind the parts of last year that we didn’t like and look forward to the opportunities the new year might bring. It’s a time where we start to think about what we want to achieve and ways in which we can better ourselves. It’s also the time when most people make their new year resolutions.

If you haven’t set yours yet, don’t fret because guess what?! You don’t need to! I have something for you to do instead that’s going to help you achieve your goals FAR MORE successfully than making resolutions EVER WILL. What is it? It’s SETTING HABITS. Find out why I think setting habits INSTEAD of new year resolutions is better in my very first YouTube video here…

New for 2018, A Simple and Contented Life has it’s very own YouTube channel! From now on I shall be facing my fears of stepping out in front of the camera and doing a mix of blogging and vlogging! To kick things off, here’s my very first video revealing why you should be setting habits instead of new year resolutions…

Not got time to watch the video? Here’s the transcript:

“Hi there. I’m Sarah and I’m the person behind the blog A Simple and Contented Life.

Happy New Year, happy 2018 and happy Friday! 

I’ve been wanting to do a video for a while now but I’ve been too scared to jump on and put myself out there. But, with it being the new year and the fact that my blog has been live for five months now, I’ve decided that it’s time to stop making excuses. It’s time to conquer my fear and to get out from behind my PC and say hello to you all. So, hi!


For all you lovely mums out there whose families are their world and priority, but wish they had more time to spend with them and that life wasn’t quite SO stressful. 

I want you to know that you’re not alone. That we’re all going through the same parenting struggles. The same life struggles. But, there are things, there are ways we can take back control, slow things down, make things less stressful and family life much more enjoyable. And that’s what the blog is all about really. It’s about helping you to reduce the overwhelm, to find more balance and to create – and ultimately live – a family life that you love.


January is traditionally the time of year where we make our new year resolutions. Where we take stock of what we want to do, what we want to achieve and ways in which we can better ourselves and improve our lives. Now, if you haven’t set your new year resolutions yet, I want you to know that that’s ok. And that you don’t need to set any new year resolutions…because, I have something for you, that I want you to do that is going to be far more effective and get you closer to living a life that you want. And that is setting habits.

You see, the problem with setting new year resolutions is that they are simply a statement of the things we want to achieve. They don’t come with a plan on how we’re actually gonna get there. And that’s why we give up on them! But, if instead, we set habits, little things we can do every day that slowly over time, they will help us to become the best version of ourselves.

So, say for example your new year resolution would have been to be more healthy. How are you gonna do that? The habits we would set instead would maybe be to drink four glasses of water a day. Or eat a piece of fruit with our lunch every day. Or go for a walk three times a week. When we do those day in day out, slowly, over time, those habits help us to become the healthiest version of ourselves. The person, the best version of ourselves we want to be.


To not feel guilty if you haven’t set any. Second, I want you to set three habits. Three daily habits that you can adopt and practice that will slowly, over time, help you to become the best version of yourself.


Let me know in the comments below. I’d LOVE to know. And, if you want some help in kickstarting creating a life you love,check out my FREE eBook and the accompanying workbook. You’ll find the links to these in the comments. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, head on over, fill in your details and I’ll email it to you. It’s got everything you need in there to kickstart creating a life you love. 

So yeah, let me know what your habits are going to be. I can’t wait to read them. And that’s it for now. Have a great weekend and I’ll chat to you soon. Good luck with the habits! Bye!”

Why you should be setting habits instead of new year resolutions…

There you have it – why setting habits instead of new year resolutions is SO much better. If you like what you’ve seen, be sure to subscribe so you never miss an episode! Join my tribe and kick-start creating a family life you love right now by filling in your details below. I’ll send you my FREE Daily Planner as a thank-you! And, if you know someone who’d benefit from watching this video, I’d love for you to share it with them too!

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