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The Better Life [Book Review]

The Better Life

Author: Claire Diaz-Ortiz

I like the way Claire Diaz-Ortiz writes. She is very to the point and doesn’t add unneeded fluff to the pages of her books. This is only the second book of hers I’ve read (Design Your Day), but I will definitely continue reading her work because of the experience the first two have given me.

Set Your Intentions

The first topic Diaz-Ortiz talks about how to set yourself up to have a better life for the year to come. She says that she personally uses one word to set the stage each year based on what her goals are. For example, if your goal for the year is to relax more often and stop stressing out over little things then you could use “relax” as your word of the year. Then, throughout the year as life hits and you find yourself getting stressed or overworked,  you can remember your word of the year and take a few steps back.

Early Bird Gets The Worm

As I’ve read in many success books, Diaz-Ortiz points out the those who get up and out of bed earlier tend to be more successful and live a better life compared to those who don’t. One reason for this is that you are able to accomplish more with your day. Building off of that, you can feel more accomplished with yourself and your day once you finish your tasks at hand.

7 Step Morning

Diaz-Ortiz uses the acronym PRESENT to give a great list of tasks to complete each day that will give you a better life.

  1. Pray. So if your anything like me, you can skip this one. I’m not a big prayer person. She does mention she drinks coffee before praying, though, and that I can get with.
  2. Read. Crazy thing… how so many successful people suggest reading every day.
  3. Express. Write down your thoughts, dreams, goals, whatever is on your mind at the moment. I do this every day in a little 5-year journal I have so that I can look back at previous years on the same day and see how I was feeling.
  4. Schedule. Plan your day out a little. Give yourself an idea of how the day will go.
  5. Exercise. This could be walking, running, meditating, weightlifting, etc. Just get some sort of exercise in daily.
  6. Nourish. Do something that makes you feel good. Diaz-Ortiz uses a bubble bath as an example and although that wouldn’t be my go-to, I think it clearly illustrates the idea.
  7. Track. At the end of the day look back at how it was spent. Did you accomplish everything you wanted to?


There are soooo many other topics on how to make your life a little better in this book, but I’m going to stop there. It’s a very easy read (152 pages) so definitely something anyone could, and should, read.


What tips and tricks fo you use to make your life a little better each day?


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