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Feeling Unmotivated? Here’s How To Beat The January Blue’s.

After all the excitement of Christmas, the first few weeks of a new year can feel like a bit of an anticlimax. Comparing normal daily life to all the partying, socializing, good food and gift swapping of the month before, it’s not surprising we get the January blues! Rather than eating what we like without feeling guilty, we’re avoiding the scales because we know we’ve put on a few pounds. Instead of having fun buying presents, our bank accounts are pretty much empty. And as if that wasn’t enough to bum us out, it’s miserable and cold outside and the mornings are still dark. Climbing out from underneath our warm and cozy duvets is REALLY HARD! Just how do we beat the January blues?

When we’re feeling so bummed, getting excited about the new year can be tough. Finding the motivation to get ourselves back on track feels like way too much hard work. As for achieving our goals, we don’t even know where to start! It’s no wonder the third Monday of the month is known as Blue Monday! So what can we do to make January feel like less of a flat month? Is there a way to make the start of the new year feel not quite so empty, boring and downright depressing? Surely there MUST be something we can do to beat the January blues?!

Thankfully there is! Determined to make my new year (and yours!) a happy one, I’ve come up with a few ways to kick our January blues to the curb.

Embrace the peace and quiet

First, if we’re honest, as much as the festivities of Christmas and New Year are fun, they’re also pretty exhausting! All the rushing around, non-stop socializing and over-indulging can leave us feeling like we need a holiday to get over the holidays! So why not use the quietness of these first few weeks to recover from all the excitement?

Embrace the peace and enjoy the free, quiet weekends. Take some much needed time for you and recharge. Spend some quality family time together too. Turn your Friday nights into games night. Go for walks together. Spend Sunday afternoons curled up on the sofa watching movies.

A time to reflect…

Whilst January is perceived to be THE month to set goals, we may actually be better off waiting a few weeks. With the business of Christmas followed by trying to get everyone back into a routine, January isn’t necessarily the best month to figure out what we want from the year ahead. Exhausted, broke, frustrated and heavier than we’d like to be, we’re hardly in the right frame of mind for looking forward. We need to give ourselves a little grace and some time to get back into our usual routines again.

Instead of trying to set your goals this month, take the time to reflect. Spend the next couple of weeks thinking about everything you did last year. Allow yourself time to mull things over. Come February, you’ll be in a much better place to set goals that truly resonate with what you really want.

Restrictions? What restrictions?!

The new year’s resolution at the top of everyone’s list? Lose weight! We all start the new year wanting to be a fitter, healthier, leaner version of ourselves. But the reduction in calories is often seen as a restriction and before long, we’ve thrown in the towel. Get over this by telling yourself you’re making a lifestyle choice. Rather than being on a diet, you’re choosing to adopt a way of eating that’s going to result in a healthier, happier you.

The same goes for alcohol too. If you’ve opted for a dry January, don’t see it as a restriction. Switch your mindset and see it as a conscious decision to better your health and your wallet. Treat yourself to a nice teapot and some fresh leaf teas and make a brew each evening instead of reaching for a glass of wine. It’s kinder to your liver, cheaper, the calories are minimal in comparison, and you’ll sleep better too!

Clean house!

Who says you have to wait until spring to clean house? There’s nothing like a good clear out to make you feel better! Especially when your kids’ rooms are probably bursting at the seams from all the Christmas presents. Go from room to room and see what you can donate, recycle, sell or trash. Not only will your home feel bigger and fresher, you may even make back some of the money you spent at Christmas!

Find free fun

If your wallet is still suffering from the expense of Christmas, try not to let it spoil the start of your new year. Simply try and cut back where you can for a few weeks. Spend a little less on groceries, forego your usual haircut, have fewer coffees from your favorite coffee shop. Whilst cutting back you can still have fun by finding free things to do instead. Visit your local country park. Take a trip to your local museum. Cook your favorite takeaway dish at home instead of ordering in. Download a movie instead of going to the cinema. Be creative and think outside the box!

Start a new hobby

Finally, January is supposed to be a fresh start and a chance for new beginnings. So why not beat the January blues by taking up a new hobby? Learn a new language or learn how to paint or draw. Start working your way through that list of books you want to read. Take the yoga class you’ve been promising yourself you’ll go to.

How to beat the January blues…

After reading this, I bet January doesn’t seem quite so depressing now does it?! When we switch the way we view the month and try to make the best out of it rather than allowing ourselves to feel blue, suddenly it doesn’t feel quite so flat or depressing. Implement these strategies and you’ll well and truly beat the January blues! Here they are again:

  • Embrace the peace and quiet
  • Use the month as a time for reflection
  • Don’t see the month as a month of restrictions
  • Start your spring cleaning early
  • Seek out fun for free
  • Start a new hobby

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Do you have any suggestions to add? How do you avoid the January blues and stop January from feeling like a flat month? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. I love the tip about cleaning out things early! I’ve been super busy and a little less organized but I think it is because I need to declutter my space and just have a fresh start! And I am all about having free fun 🙂

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